Awakening the Matrilineal

Mixed Media on Canvas, Installation and Public Artwork, 2016

Awakening the Matrilineal, Installation, Mixed Media on Canvas, American University, Katzen Arts Center, 2016

Titles of the circles from left to right:
1. Calling on the West, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2016
2. The Female: Source, the one within, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2015
3. North and of the Earth, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2016
4. The Male: Universe, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2015
5. Calling on the East, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2016
6. Of South and Fire, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2016

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Awakening the Matrilineal, a visual exploration of Blackness and Matrilineality is a visual representation designed to awaken the bloodlines and ancestral memories that links us all. Each circular form summons the undeniable divine and innate cellular power within each of us.

This work is an extension of the previously created installation: The Male and Female (2015), which consists of four circular forms: The Male, The Architect, The Protector, is the outer circle. The inner circle of The Male is The Universe. The outer circular form of The Female is The Female, The Oracle, The Nurturer, and the inner circle is The One, The Source Within.

The Male and Female installation represents the potentiality of masculine and feminine energy, within the Black male and female, their reliance on each other, and on the universe. Awakening the Matrilineal installation metaphysically explores the influence of African culture, cosmologies and how the genealogical roots of Blackness relate to us all.

The Awakening the Matrilineal, installation consists of 6-8, 34 in. x 36 in, circular works arranged in a larger circular formation. Each annular form is enshrined in a circle of protection created by the fusion of varying elemental and spiritual based practices and interpretations of the visual languages and iconography the Ancient Egyptians, the Nsibidi of Nigeria, the West African Adinkra symbols, and the Sacred Geometry of other indigenous cultures worldwide.

Each discoid focuses on a different aspect of the human experience as we relate to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social planes of existence.

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Calling on the West and Of South and Fire, Mixed Media on Canvas, 41 x 42 in., framed

Calling on the West and Of South and Fire, Mixed Media on Canvas, 41 x 42 in., framed