Matrices of Transformation

Digital Prints, Series, 2007

Matrixes of Transformation, consists of 6-11, 22 x 18 Mixed Media Photographic Prints.

Prices available upon request.

“Matrices of Transformation” is an analysis of my journey to understand the complexity and power of art. As I create, I realize a correlation between the level of joy, contentment, productivity, and the amount of color I employ. Color is defined as “the visual response to different wavelengths of sunlight, identified as red, green, blue, and so on; having the physical properties of hue, intensity, and value.” [1]

My interest in color is predicated upon color’s ability to raise my level of energy and my desire to share that positive energy or feeling with others. I believe colors have both feminine and masculine energies and each color represents a specific aspect of nature. I desire these works to embody my spiritual connection to color and project a sense of energy to positively affect others.

The matrix is a visual foundation for this body of work. I merge colored feminine objects such as bras, jewelry, ribbon, and purses through masculine metal forms in order to visually fuse the various materials and energies. I then sew or attach these items to canvas or weave them through metal grid-like forms that I have defined symbolically as masculine structures. I use found objects to symbolically articulate the need to recycle energy and power inherent to discarded materials.

Matrices of Transformation, graduate thesis works, is divided into three series: The Matrix Series, Heal Thyself Series, and the Chicken Wire Series. The Matrix Series is made up of abstract two-dimensional paper mosaic collages. The Heal Thyself Series consists of three mixed media on canvas sewn assemblages. The Chicken Wire Series consists of three-dimensional textile sculptural forms and one mixed media sculptural installation titled Flight of the Chicken Wire.

Periodically, as I created these works I took pictures to document the various stages and discoveries that occurred along the way. While documenting the stages of creating, I created and additional body of work. I refer to this body of photography as Matrices of Transformation. This particular set of photographs are of Flight of the Chicken Wire laid over top of the three separate works that form the Heal Thyself series.


[1] Occvirk G. Otto, Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice. 10th ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2006), 145.

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