Catalyst Projects is pleased to announce

Sculptors Draw - Julia Bloom and Amber Robles-Gordon
March 6, 2014 through March 29, 2014
Opening reception is Saturday, March 8, 6-9 pm with the artists in attendance.

The creative process for a sculptor can more often than not include drawing. Whether it be the technical planning of a three dimensional work, documenting the creative process or a wish to expand their vision to include other mediums, a sculptors approach to drawing is widely varied and unique.

Julia Bloom (DC) presents large scale charcoal drawings on paper for this exhibition. Bloom's three dimensional works are in a large way drawings themselves. Constructed from sticks and wire, and sometimes covered in paint or rust, her sculptural pieces take on a tenuous, airy quality. In contrast, the drawings, which are meant as portraits of the sculptures, are bold, dense images of the structures they represent.

Amber Robles-Gordon (DC) Known mainly for sculptural wall hung work consisting of densely layered colorful textiles, Robles-Gordon shifts her modus operandi to drawings of floating forms built with dark lines and colorful, playful shapes. Robles-Gordon's drawings for this exhibition were partly inspired by her long fascination with abstract artist Alma Thomas' paintings of vibrant color and geometric shapes. What transpires is an investigation into spatial relationships, positive/negative space, and color distribution.

Amber Robles-Gordon, Prismatic, acrylic marker on watercolor paper

Julia Bloom, Monolith I, charcoal on paper

Media contacts: Gail Vollrath at 336-253-6224 or Zofie Lang 443-310-3076.

Gallery hours are Thursday thru Saturday, noon to 7 pm and by appointment.

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Catalyst Project's mission is to present the DC arts community to the world beyond the DMV. By presenting arts programming with a focus on exchange, we hope to cross-pollinate with arts communities outside of the DC metro area. It is our goal to make contemporary art accessible through educational programs such as panel discussions, artist workshops, and contemporary art exhibitions.
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