Delita Martin

Prizm Panel Presents: The Meaning of Art

In presented In partnership with University of Maryland, College Park David C. Driskell Center Moderated by Professor Curlee R. Holton, Contemporary Artists, Kevin Cole (Atlanta), Rodney Jackson (Miami), Alfred Conteh (Fort Valley, GA), Larry Cook (Baltimore), Tawny Chatmon (Maryland), Amber Robles-Gordon (D.C.), Delita Martin (Texas) explore the following points of inquiry: 1. Who gets to determine the value and significance of a work of art? 2. What role should the artist play in the critical evaluation of a work of art? 3. When has your work been accurately evaluated and interpreted?

Lest We Forget, Artist Talk at Galerie Myrtis

Lest We Forget, Artist Talk at Galerie Myrtis

The exhibition presented at Galerie Myrtis, Lest We Forget examines pivotal moments and figures in US history, as well as the everyday occurrences and unknown individuals that have impacted, to various degrees, the African American experience here, and by extension, throughout the world. 

Featured Artists
Larry Cook, Wesley Clark, Shaunte Gates, Delita Martin, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Amber Robles-Gordon and Stan Squirewell

Curated by: Jarvis DuBois and Deirdre Darden

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