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"How We Lost DC" at Honfleur Gallery Wednesday, Sept. 16

"How We Lost DC" at Honfleur Gallery Wednesday, Sept. 16

By Emily Walz, Washington City Paper


Few cities are undergoing a period of gentrification as lengthy as D.C.’s, and perhaps none are gentrifying as quickly. The individual stories of displacement, as well as the larger narrative arc that shows how class and racial lines overlap to push out poorer minority communities, have particular poignancy in D.C., one of the first cities in the U.S. with a black majority. Against this backdrop, the local African-American artist collective Delusions of Grandeur created How We Lost DC, an exhibition the group calls “a visual discourse on gentrification.” The work of Wesley Clark, Larry Cook, Shaunté Gates, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Amber Robles-Gorden, and Stan Squirewell encompasses photography, textile, paintings, mixed media, and sculpture in a show that moves between portraiture and would-be artifacts to tapestry and art made from maps of the District itself.

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With Every Fiber of My Being Amber Robles-Gordon

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With Every Fiber of My Being By Amber Robles-Gordon

With Every Fiber of My Being IMG_1798.JPG

Exhibition Concept:

The phrase With Every Fiber of My Being captures the energy I bring to my creative process, my artwork, and how I relate to life.  Fibers, are everywhere in the body, they work in intricately bounded bundles to funnel and connect the life force with information and nutrients that sustain a fully functioning organism1.

I create with every fiber of my being, because I have to and because it brings me joy. Starting at the bundles of axons within my brain, to every hair fiber and through the nerves of my muscles, a network of fibers precisely distributed throughout wants to see, smell, hear, taste, and create, art.  

In this series, I am interested in creating a visual representation of the pieces that make up the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects that make one human. I use personal items: parts of old purses, jeans, jackets, and jewelry. As well as stamps, post cards, and old cd cover artwork. Most of these things will be recognizable at first glance. Although, I hope that some items won’t be, at least at first. My intent is show the process of creating and exploring the layers of one’s self, one fiber at time. Then to notice a bundle, and then to see, and identify the life source that flow within each piece of art. Ultimately to the view the whole body artwork as living, breathing organisms.  

With Every Fiber of my Being refers to my overall beliefs that creating art is a means of promoting healing. Creating textile work is a very precise and time-consuming task: Every tile, piece of paper, cloth, or stitch of thread must be properly placed in order to craft the intended compacted mosaic of information. Hence, there are very few visual resting points with in a portion of these works. This is intentional, because when do the fibers of our being ever rest.

I will present a body of mixed media on canvas and sculptural textile works. The majority of the artwork will be a combination of found objects and other fiber products sewn or adhered to canvas. Additional works will be sculptural mixed media on canvas forms and mixed media on other found objects.